Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Technology for the Poor Building at World Hunger Relief, Inc.

We have recently finished the building you helped us start last year. It has been named the Technology for the Poor Building at World Hunger Relief, Inc., in honor of our partnership with Job Ebenezer and his ministry, Technology for the Poor.

The picture below is of Jonathan Bruce, one of our AmeriCorps members, grinding flour on the dual purpose bicycle Job has designed. The building houses this bicycle as well as a food storage demonstration area that includes: a cool storage room, freezers, canning, dehydrating, fermenting and an evaporative cooler called a Zeer Pot. We also plan to add an observation beehive in the near future.

The building also has a four station hand washing sink/drinking fountain that has allowed us to get our school groups cleaned up and hydrated in very quick fashion. Off the back of the building is the Heart of Texas -Master Composter Learning Center which has demonstrations of composting appropriate for homes, schools and small businesses.

Thank you everyone who contributed to this project. We hope to partner with you again soon.

Especially First Methodist Tulsa , Dana and Betty Sark, Don and Elaine Stover, and Linda and Delbert

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Kimberly said...

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